Confessions of Fashion Blogger Camille Co

By Alexandra Zografou | 2015/02/09 - 14:24:43

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Since 2011, Camille Co has been running a highly successful and multi-awarded blog, where she chronicles her unique personal style – making each and every one of her looks pin-worthy – and travel adventures. Although she rose to prominence as a blogger, Camille is first and foremost a designer. Read on as Camille explains how she balances her life as a designer with her life as a blogger and shares some valuable advice on fashion blogging.

How would you describe your personal style?
I do not like being stereotyped or put under one category, so I’d like to think my style is versatile but put-together.

You have collaborated with retailers all over the world in exclusive collections. How hard is it to balance their aesthetic with your own design identity?
I guess it is not as hard for me because of my fashion design background. Back home, I design made-to-order gowns and dresses for different clients, so I am used to the collaborative process. The only difference is, when I collaborate with retailers or brands, the people I consider are the brand’s target market.

You started your blog when there were already many successful fashion blogs out there. What do you think made your blog stand out?
I honestly think luck and so many other factors beyond my control contributed to my blog’s success. Don’t get me wrong. Getting one’s blog out there requires a lot of work and discipline, but I believe there is nothing wrong with acknowledging the fact that I have been really lucky. I guess if there is ever anything that I did right, it is that I stayed true to myself. I did not try to sell an image. I wore outfits and wrote articles because I liked them, not because I think they are what people wanted to see.

Is it hard to turn your social media followers into loyal readers?
It can be challenging. But if you produce content that resonates well with them, they will eventually become loyal readers.

Would you ever give up your blogging career to focus on your line?
Yes. I always say I am a designer first, and a blogger second.

What inspires you as a designer?
It is always the client that inspires me the most. As a designer, it is the best feeling in the world to see your design come to life, worn by a happy and satisfied client.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your career?
As a designer? Oh boy, a lot! The biggest challenge is finding the right team to help me execute my designs and turn my sketches into actual garments. As a blogger, the biggest hurdle I have had to face – and I guess most bloggers as well – is earning people’s respect. A lot of people have so many misconceptions of bloggers and blogging in general. It is sad how some can be so close-minded and quick to judge but slowly we are proving them all wrong.

Would you ever leave your hometown for a top fashion capital?
I love my hometown but I love fashion capitals as well. I would consider it.

What was the highlight of your career in 2014, and what are you wishing for this year?
The wedding gowns I designed for were definitely the high points of last year. This year, I wish for more weddings and projects. And hopefully, more opportunities for travel as well. 
mixed print look by Camille Co
Camille Co
neutral look by Camille Co
Camille Co
glam suit look by Camille Co
Camille Co
floral look by Camille Co
Camille Co
retro look by Camille Co
Camille Co
polka dor look by Camille Co
Camille Co
urban look by Camille Co
Camille Co
boho look by Camille Co
Camille Co
clean look by Camille Co
Camille Co
formal polka dot look by Camille Co
Camille Co



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