Edible Social Icons by Daryna Kossar

By Glittery Spirit | 2015/11/04 - 17:58:29

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Ukrainian photographer and designer Daryna Kossar turns different kinds of food into amazing works of art that she then photographs for posterity.

To create a series of edible social icons, she cleverly used pieces of toast as a base to construct the graphics from the most recognizable networks. Blueberries and cream cheese make the Facebook logo, while cupcake sprinkles outline the famous Twitter bird. I wonder if they taste as good as they look. 
Blueberry Facebook by Daryna Kossar
Blueberry Facebook
Daryna Kossar
Pomegranate Pinterest by Daryna Kossar
Pomegranate Pinterest
Daryna Kossar
Sprinkle Twitter by Daryna Kossar
Sprinkle Twitter
Daryna Kossar
Jelly Google + by Daryna Kossar
Jelly Google +
Daryna Kossar
Jello Tumblr by Daryna Kossar
Jello Tumblr
Daryna Kossar
Chocolate Instagram by Daryna Kossar
Chocolate Instagram
Daryna Kossar



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