3 Healthy Summer Drinks

By Meriem | 2014/08/07 - 09:19:39

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Under the hot Summer weather, people usually consume more drinks than usual. Because many of them are not big fans of water, unhealthy drinks like fizzy sodas and sugary iced teas become the first choice to satisfy their thirst.

Avoid these mistakes with these three homemade sugar free drinks. They are very simple and easy to make, so there are no lazy excuses. Perfect for cool and healthy hot days. 

Strawberry Milkshake
S. Schleicher/SXC
Kiwi and apple drink
Multifruit drink
Samuel Ascaso Piqueras/SXC


  1. SofĂ­a Marquez2014-08-21 12:46:50

    This sounds so good. Need to go get some strawberries right away.

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