3 Ways to Turn your Life Around

By Ai Narapol | 2014/02/21 - 13:57:11

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In our lives, there are times when we go through hard situations that make us start thinking "Why me?" or "What is the point of living?". What we really should be thinking is "What can I do about this?".

Stay positive: believe it or not, thinking of solutions and staying positive helps a lot. You may be reading this and thinking to yourself "Nobody knows what I've been through". Well, you sure are right on that and nobody's trying to be Martin Luther King here, but know that you're not alone when life gets rough.

Be yourself: Sometimes you can look happy and bubbly and feeling exactly the opposite inside. That's not easy or healthy. If you're not honest to yourself, it can be hard for you to deal with your feelings. Just be you and talk to others without thinking about their judgements. This can make your life much easier.

Don't bottle up: keeping your feelings is always a bad idea. Sooner or later, all your emotions will just explode in the worst way possible and there's nothing you can do about it. Instead, you should always be open about your feelings. If you feel there's no one you can talk to (or you just rather not talk about it), do something you love. Sing your heart out, paint the rainbow or write a blog or a story.

Learn something new, keep your mind busy, away from trouble and definitely think positive. It will make your life ten times better. Don't waste time and start today. 


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