10 Sushi Pieces You Will Not Eat

By Glittery Spirit | 2014/09/08 - 16:30:34

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Vinegary rice and raw seafood are the base of any delicious piece of Sushi. Combined with other ingredients, this Japanese delicacy is all about intense flavor and impressive presentation.

Some never tried it and are afraid to do so, others simply hate the concept of raw food, but for those who were able to leave their prejudices aside, Sushi probably became an addiction. For those who are inveterate fans of this asian dish, here are 10 items to add some soy sauce to their life. 

Mini Sushi Pillows
Via babatude.com
Sushi Memo Block
Via scope.ne.jp
Demeter Sushi Fragrance
Via demeterfragrance.com
Claire's Quirky Sushi Food Charm Bracelet
Via claires.co.uk
Sushi Mini Staplers
Via amazon.com
Sushi's Tee by Beloved
Via belovedshirts.com
Kate Spade Hello Tokyo Bento Box Clutch
Via amazon.com
Sushi Wall Clock
Sock It To Me Sushi Socks
Via sockittome.com
Sushi Earbuds
Via shop.dcigift.com


  1. Mae2014-10-08 21:38:23


  2. Tommy S.2014-09-13 18:52:43

    Those pillows are sick!

  3. Jane2014-09-08 19:14:05

    Love sushi! But I'm not sure if I want to smell like sushi... I'll take the clutch!

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