10 Creative Gallery Wall Ideas

By Samantha Billis-Borgstrom | 2015/02/18 - 08:50:10

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Interior design expert or not, gallery walls are an intricate way to display one's personal taste in a decorative manner. A few frames in a room is overrated, and now, entire walls are being covered in beautiful illustrations.

To create a gallery wall, you do not need to have all your framed collection in whole. You can continue to add, as long as the space allows. If you're a perfectionist, be sure to measure each frame and then place tape on the wall to dictate where the piece will go. In addition, choosing pictures with similar color palettes provides for a more organized look.

So framed yet or not, find some paintings, a few sketches, maybe a mirror and hang them, creating your own artisanal masterpiece. 



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