Falling for the Kitten Heel

By Débora Faria | 2014/08/13 - 10:19:56

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Reasonable heights were never so fashionable and the kitten heel is the one to blame. The pretty little shoe, which was a great hit when flawlessly worn by Hollywood royalty back in the 1950s (think about Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" and "Funny Face" or Grace Kelly in "Rear Window" for a gorgeous inspiration), is now making its way back to modern day ladies closets.

The kitten heel from the 1950s was the perfect match to tiny little handbags and a flawless ladylike style. They were mostly simple in shape and made of fine leathers for everyday wear and precious silky fabrics to match rich evening ball gowns. Pretty much like Marie Antoinette in the 18th century.

Visionary Gabrielle Chanel also saw their functional potential. The French fashion designer used the kitten heel to compliment her demure and practical clothes, made for women who needed shoes that allowed them to stay on their feet, impeccably, all day long.

That being said, the kitten heel that has been around for a couple of seasons so far is more versatile than ever and all sorts of women are beginning to have a hard time letting it go. If a few years ago this reasonable shoe was connoted to some sort of elderly style, nowadays it’s a hit on much younger feet. That is not hard to understand if we take some time to observe some of the last trends for this style. Vibrant colors, metallic textures, plastics, embroideries, sassy embellishments and playful designs are proving Mademoiselle Chanel right once more: yes, you can go through a busy day with a fun and unique style without compromising comfort.

As a styling option, the little shoe that ranges from 3.5 to 5 centimeters high, can literally take you everywhere. Still, to flawlessly pull off a pair of these shoes, you should always keep in mind one thing: despite the boldness of colors and embellishments and the quirkiness of the designs, a slender, pointy shoe with a thin and slightly curved heel (broader heels and “flatforms” don’t fit this category) will always carry a lady-like feel to any outfit. But, please, don’t think of this as a limitation! Instead, play around it and either build your outfit around that feminine and classy allure, or completely disrupt it with super contrasting items. Luckily, Fall/Winter 14/15 collections offer a great deal of beautiful options to fit any style and personality.

So if you want to embrace a modern lady attitude, choose a great midi skirt (pencil or flared) in some interesting fabric and a clean, crisp top (structured crop tops or masculine cotton shirts are great options). If you are new to this style, start with neutral colors and clean shapes, leaving room for the shoes to shine. From this base, you can finish the look with super feminine shoes, in polished leathers or embellished with pretty crystals, beads or even lace. On the other hand, you can spice things up by picking a bold color shoe with some outrageous design detail. Playing with knit or lacy socks will add interest and youthfulness to the whole ensemble.

If you naturally tend to do an effortless chic, quite boyish, style, the kitten heel shoes will also suit you. They are amazing to polish up an outfit built from low key boyfriend jeans and an oxford shirt or a modern knit sweater. Simple and black, with a V-shaped cleavage are just fine, as they will lengthen the leg. Anyway, this kind of look allows you to have as much fun as you like. Pretty and super girly styles or graphic and absolutely eye catching designs are both terrific options.

This shoe fits and flatters girls of any height and shape. All you have to do is look for a pair that feels proportional to your body frame and personal style. Your one and only kitten heel is out there. Open up those beautiful eyes and let it seduce you! 

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Jonathan Paciullo from FrenchyStyle
Kitten Heels
Kitten Heels
Faux Fur and Kitten Heels
Kitten Heels
Kitten Heels
Neutrals with Kitten Heels
Tux with Kitten Heels



  1. Sally2014-12-20 08:57:05

    Love those last ones. Very YSL with the suit

  2. Carlee2014-08-29 13:01:24

    Love it, but I wouldn't wear socks with it.

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