What's the Right Bag for you?

By Neon Staff | 2010/11/24 - 13:35:00

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A bag is not only a means to transport a million things (that we do not actually need) in our day to day. It is an essential accessory that can complement or destroy a look. That is why it may be important to take some factors into account when you´re buying one.

PETITEIf you're short, choose a small simple, clean style bag with short handles. Do not choose styles with a very bold design, many accessories or intricate patterns. Your bag should not compete with you.

TALL: If you're tall, you may use any type of bag, although you should look for one that is proportional to your height and weight. If the bag is too large, it will reflect on your stature and if its too small, it will eventually go unnoticed. You can use styles with bold patterns and different details.

THIN: If you're too thin, avoid long unstructured bags, as they will highlight your slim body. Look for pieces with rounded shapes and some volume.

VOLUPTUOUS: If you're a curvy girl, it's important that the bag's volume is proportional to your body. Bags too small or too big will highlight even more your size. Make sure that the bag is carried above or below the most voluminous area on your body. Try to clear it as much as possible from that area. Handbags are a good choice. Choose rectangular lines and avoid long and rounded shapes.
If you have large breasts or hips you should avoid a bag that is carried near that part of your body. Otherwise you will be creating an unnecessary extra volume for that area.

Overall, the bag's size must be proportional and the form should be opposite to the one of our body. It is also important to understand how it will be carried because it can reduce or emphasize certain physical characteristics on your body. Now that you know it all, start looking for your perfect bag. 


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