How to Master High Heels

By Anne Dofelmier | 2013/06/07 - 11:55:51

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Remember those impressive shoes you saw last week? One look at the heel height and the decision was made: "I can’t walk in heels that high!". There is a definite art to walking, wearing, and looking great in heels. You can master it, if you follow a few rules.

BALANCE is what seems to prevent most women from purchasing heels. Try this test: stand with your feet shoulder width apart, lift one foot and balance on the other. Are you rocking from side to side? If you are, you lack balance, if not, you are half way there. Take note of what muscles you are using. Your abs should be contracted and your weight should be spread throughout the foot. Most women have a tendency to lean forward and place all the weight on the ball of the foot, thereby causing significant pain. Learn to engage your abs and you will be able to control your gait, improve your posture and gain a nice tight tummy.

MAINTENANCE is critical to walking in heels and you must care for your feet in the same way you care for your face. Don’t be that person with the 2 inches of dead skin hanging off the back of your sandal. Keep a pumice stone in your shower and hit those calluses every day. Moisturize your feet religiously after your shower and invest in a quality pair of clippers, file, and cuticle pusher. You won’t even need nail polish.

VARY THE HEIGHT of your heels each day to keep your Achilles limber. Too many high heels and your Achilles will shorten, which can lead to leg pain. Exercise your toes and Achilles several times a day. When you bend your toes do only a few actually bend? The muscles in your feet are weak. By strengthening them, you may even eliminate back pain.

START SLOW when you are ready to purchase a pair of heels. If you have never worn a heel before, begin with a 1" - 2” heel and when you feel comfortable you can move up a half inch in height.

CAUTION WHEN BUYING shoes is imperative. Swoon over the color, gasp at the detail and see if it fits. If you slide your foot in that shoe and you feel the slightest twinge of pain or discomfort, do not buy it. Shoes don't stretch, they break down. If it is causing you pain, you will not wear it so save your money. Pass on the ones that don't fit and spend more on the ones that do. You too can sashay in stilettos. 


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