How to Wear the Grunge Look

By Bunie Arah | 2014/07/07 - 07:57:32

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It's okay not to have slim legs, to be short and not wanting to wear heels 24/7. It's all okay because truly, like Hannah Montana used to sing, "nobody's perfect". What's not okay is trying so hard to look like a glamorous super model with everything you wear. You will just end up ruining it and looking contrived.

Grunge is probably one of my favorite trends. It was a strong style that grew up in the 90s, thanks to several alternative rock bands that emerged during that time. And now, this effortless style is back! It allows, mostly, for freedom of style, if you wear it right. Otherwise you might end up looking like a miniature version of your mom.

Beanies, hats and over emphasized headbands truly make up for a great grunge head. You can pair it with black round sunglasses when it's sunny or just wear them over the top of your head. Your makeup also determines your grungeness. Dark colors of dry lipstick, giving a chapped effect to the lips can actually work pretty well. A dark eyeliner and eye shadow can also make the look, but don't go over the top or you will be going for the Goth look. Use one or the other in a minimal quantity.

Knitted sweaters, checkered plaid shirts and sleeveless t-shirts are great for going grunge. T-shirts with graphic prints, usually from iconic Grunge bands, are also perfect pieces. For outerwear, oversized jackets in leather or denim jackets fit the grunge style. For bottoms, leather pants or checkered skirts and trousers can work. For men, checkered shorts can look great instead of checkered trousers, as these might be quite risky. However, if you insist on wearing them, make sure you choose a pair with a fading print or a dark color. Put your legs in distress with jean skirts, trousers or shorts. Faded blue ripped jeans are the ultimate grunge, but it doesn't have to be blue. Let your spirit fly with other colors.

Patterned, laced or just smooth tights are awesome for those girls who don't want to let go of their femininity because they have to rock grunge (which in my opinion is the perfect tomboy/boyfriend style). Don't forget your shoes. Combat boots, laced or unlaced, are just great. But it might be best to go for simple with a pair of Vans or all stars. Girls can go for heels for a more feminine look.

Grunge can create an effortless look that should be worn with an unconditional stance and coolness. Go ahead, try it! 
Naomi Campbell and Kristen McMenamy by Steven Meisel, Vogue US, December 1992
Straight from the 90s: Naomi Campbell and Kristen McMenamy by Steven Meisel, Vogue US, December 1992
Condé Nast
Grunge Style: Karolina Waz by Emilio Tini, Amica, October 2013
Karolina Waz by Emilio Tini, Amica, October 2013
New Grunge Street Style
A new Grunge style
Grunge style on Elle Australia, October 2013
Louise Parker by Manolo Campion, Elle Australia, October 2013
Cool Grunge style by Urban Outfitters
Cool Grunge style by Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters
effortless Grunge street style
Effortless Grunge style
Via Jann Yuki
Cool Grunge male style by Scotch & Soda
Cool Grunge by Scotch & Soda
Scotch & Soda
MSGM Fall/Winter 2014
MSGM Fall/Winter 2014
Grunge style, Vogue Spain, November 2011
Grunge style, Vogue Spain, November 2011
Condé Nast
Paul Smith Fall/Winter 2014
Paul Smith Fall/Winter 2014
Paul Smith
Vera Wang Fall/Winter 2014
Vera Wang Fall/Winter 2014
Vera Wang
Zara TRF Fall/Winter 2013 lookbook
Zara TRF Fall/Winter 2013



  1. Bunie Arah2015-06-24 01:58:37

    It is Sophia, have you tried it yet?

  2. Sofía Marquez2014-07-27 12:30:43

    I love an easy style, this is perfect

  3. bunie2014-07-11 06:58:29

    thanks diane and dee

  4. Diane2014-07-08 19:12:27

    Love grunge! I'm for the flannel shirts.

  5. dee2014-07-07 22:06:45

    yeah, yeah, i get it!

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