The Outrageous Shoes of Kobi Levi

By Sara Corceiro | 2011/10/09 - 12:17:00

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To those who observe the work of Kobi Levi, it might seem questionable if his creations are in fact practical, but the truth is that every pair of shoes that this Israeli designer imagines is carefully thought and worked to be worn by anyone. Lady Gaga might prove it. She rocked his "Double Boots" in the video "Born This Way". 

This level of expertise makes us even more impressed by the immense creativity of Kobi Levi, who is able to carry out any idea that he proposes himself to. In stand-by remains a possible larger scale production of these shoes, too complex to be marketed on an industrial level but for now, Kobi Levi offers limited editions from several of these styles for purchase. Choose yours. 
Chewing Gum shoes by Kobi Levi
Chewing Gum, 2009
Kobi Levi
Banana shoes by Kobi Levi
Banana Slip-on, 2010
Kobi Levi
Madonna shoes by Kobi Levi
Blond Ambition, 2011
Kobi Levi
Blow-up doll shoes by Kobi Levi
Blow, 2010
Kobi Levi
Coffee shoes by Kobi Levi
Coffee?, 2011
Kobi Levi
chinese shoes by Kobi Levi
Contemporary Chinese, 2011
Kobi Levi
Lady Gaga shoes by Kobi Levi
Double Boots, 2000
Kobi Levi
Mother and Daughter shoes by Kobi Levi
Mother & Daughter, 2011
Kobi Levi
duck shoes by Kobi Levi
Mallard Duck, 2011
Kobi Levi
dog shoes by Kobi Levi
Miao, 2010
Kobi Levi
Olive and Popeye shoes by Kobi Levi
Olive Oil, 2011
Kobi Levi
Slide shoes by Kobi Levi
Slide, 2010
Kobi Levi
Sling-Shot shoes by Kobi Levi
Sling-Shot, 2010
Kobi Levi
Tongue choes by Kobi Levi
Tongue, 2005
Kobi Levi
Rocking Chair shoes by Kobi Levi
Rocking Chair, 2003
Kobi Levi
Androgyne shoes by Kobi Levi
Androgyne, 2002
Kobi Levi



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