Game of Thrones Fantasy Rings

By Sofía Marquez | 2014/04/23 - 10:51:25

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Spanish jewelry brand Aristocrazy teamed up with HBO to design an amazing capsule collection of rings for the acclaimed fantasy series, Game of Thrones. Baratheon, Targaryen, Stark and Lannister inspired the creation of four oxidized sterling silver and four 18K yellow gold-plated rings representing the spirit and emblem of the main family houses of this epic story. A majestic stag embodies the House Baratheon, a fierce dire wolf personifies the House Stark, an intrepid dragon expresses the House Targaryen and a ferocious lion exhibits the House Lannister. 

Based on the George R. R. Martin's fantasy novels "A Song of Ice and Fire", Game of Thrones has captured a remarkable fan base since season one. The passion for the show has inspired a wave of unusual baby names in the United States and has extended to daily fashion, with some of the main characters turning into unconditional style icons. With that said, it will not be a big surprise to see these rings becoming a huge success among passionate fans. 
Rings by Aristocrazy, Game of Thrones
House Lannister rings by Aristocrazy, Game of Thrones
A ferocious lion for House Lannister
House Baratheon rings by Aristocrazy, Game of Thrones
A majestic stag for House Baratheon
House Targaryen rings by Aristocrazy, Game of Thrones
An intrepid dragon for House Targaryen
House Stark rings by Aristocrazy, Game of Thrones
A fierce dire wolf for House Stark



  1. Rudy Parfitt2020-01-26 11:47:10

    Sorry for repeating, but where can one purchase these beautiful rings?

  2. Jonathan2017-10-23 13:05:11

    Would anyone know where this set of ring may be purchased please?

  3. Catherine Knowles2017-07-13 03:05:14

    hi there, where can i go to buy this set. I just have to have them all. Love your huge South African FAN!

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