The Amazing Royal Ascot Headpieces

By clara bella | 2015/07/19 - 07:23:55

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Having started in 1711, the Royal Ascot is one of the biggest horse racing events in the world and, as a royal event with more than 300 years, it is still determined by social classes. There are three stands at Ascot and your ticket is merely defined by status. Those of royal blood, dames, ladies and lords and those of title and authority are entitled to sit in the royal enclosure stand. High class visitors are required to sit in the grandstand, while obeying a strict dress code. The Silver ring, in the grass camping is open to everyone who wishes to follow the races.

Ascot is also one of Britain’s biggest high fashion events, marked on the British fashion calendar as a celebration of high class fashion at its best. That is why Ascot has collaborated with six of Britain’s most prominent millinery designers to create a very special headpiece collection. The Royal Ascot Collective features Stephen Jones, Philip Treacy, Piers Atkinson, Noel Stewart, Rachel Trevor Morgan and William Chambers, who contributed with their talent to celebrate the most iconic element from the Royal Ascot races.

Ascot fashion is widely and internationally watched, so these headpieces will certainly be stars in the fierce fashion competition between visitors. 
Stephen Jones headpiece for Royal Ascot
Stephen Jones
Royal Ascot
Philip Treacy headpiece for Royal Ascot
Philip Treacy
Royal Ascot
Piers Atkinson headpiece for Royal Ascot
Piers Atkinson
Royal Ascot
Noel Stewart headpiece for Royal Ascot
Noel Stewart
Royal Ascot
Rachel Trevor Morgan headpiece for Royal Ascot
Rachel Trevor Morgan
Royal Ascot
William Chambers headpiece for Royal Ascot
William Chambers
Royal Ascot



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