World's Most Expensive Mobile Phones

By Neon Staff | 2013/11/04 - 14:45:11

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Did you ever wonder about the most exclusive mobile phones around? Well, there are plenty of options for those who want to splash their money on mobile phones. Precious stones, rich metals and privileged services accompany some of the world's most exclusive pieces.

You might wonder who would ever get these extravagant phones but in a material world, when is enough truly enough? Here are the top 3 most expensive mobile phones in the market.

Goldvish, one of the world's most expensive mobile phones
Vertu, one of the world's most expensive mobile phones
Gold iPhone by Goldstriker, one of the world's most expensive mobile phones


  1. Lady Christina2016-01-25 08:59:20

    Stunning~Terrific Phone~However The Photo Leaves a Lot to Be Desired~Under GOLDVISH***However Unable To Read The Lettering~I Copied Photo To See If I could Improve Quality & Succeeded***I do Photo's for Ferrari~and Such a Pity That quashes The Desire

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