Artsy Case for Apple iPad

By Sara Corceiro | 2012/07/31 - 12:48:37

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Back in 2010, when Apple launched it's first version of iPad, reactions were mixed and the acceptance by the consumer market seemed shadowed by other competing technologies but today iPad is everywhere and it is, indeed, part of a new reality. People use it on a daily basis for consuming entertainment media or as a daily tool, for casual notes or even for taking family photos (how practical, isn't it?)

On that note, this concept created by the design studio Fajno makes so much sense. The translucent silicone case frame protects the tablet from scratches and bumps but it also shows how far we've got with new technologies. Culture as definitely changed from the museum walls to our couches and iPad seems to symbolize just that. 
Fajno purple silicone Ipad case
Fajno Design
Fajno silicone Ipad cases
Fajno Design
Fajno grey silicone Ipad case
Fajno Design



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