The Benefits of Pure Argan Oil

By Gemma Bolton | 2013/01/17 - 10:39:44

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When you meet Dana Elemara, the creator of Arganic, you immediately gawp at her hair. Possibly the thickest, healthiest locks complement her glowing complexion and overall aura of health and wellbeing. Her secret? Argan oil, of course.

Grown only in South-Western Morocco on UNESCO protected trees, argan oil has long been a culinary staple for the Berber people. This rare oil has more recently seen a boom in interest in the Wesat, and worldwide, for its health and beauty benefits.

As well as being richer in antioxidant vitamin E than olive oil, it’s bursting with omegas 6 and 9 (that we know we’re not all getting enough of). In addition, the daily consumption of just a spoonful of argan oil is believed to reduce cholesterol.

Arganic prides itself on the superior quality of its oil and production: kernels are freshly pressed and the oil that reaches your bottle is completely pure. Most vitally, the company also ensures an ethical production with fair pay benefiting its employees – mostly women – who toil for many hours, with 30 kg of fruit taking in the region to transform it into just 1 liter of oil.

If you’re wondering how you might use it, it’s simple: get drizzling on salads or as a finishing touch to a meal. When it comes to the topical application, it can be enjoyed all over: massaged into the lengths of your hair, on ragged cuticles and as a body hydrator. Its beauty benefits include anti-aging, moisturising, oil regulating and skin soothing. It’s said to be great at preventing and healing stretch marks and strengthening brittle nails.

For anyone looking to experiment in the kitchen or bathroom with an ingredient full of possibilities. 


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