5 Winter Beauty Tips for your Skin

By Alessandra Hyatt Zanello | 2014/03/03 - 12:07:59

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Not everyone's skin gets sensitive during Winter, but if you have this seasonal problem, you must follow this 5 simple rules to prevent dryness and have gorgeous skin, even in milder Winter days.

1. Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize: if you have oily or combination skin, moisturization is the step you should not skip during your skincare routine. Try to find the product that best fits your skin type. Tea tree and Aloe Vera can soothe oily skin and provide the nourishment you really need.

2. Think about your lips: often forgotten, lips are heavily stressed during Winter, as dry air can cause real damage to its sensitive skin. Always take a lip balm with you everywhere you go and apply it regularly.

3. The sun is out there: you can't really feel it, but the sun's strong Ultraviolet rays can really harm your skin, even in a cloudy day. You should always protect yourself and use a sunscreen with SPF 15 to 20. That is enough to shelter your skin during Winter.

4. Cuddle yourself: besides the cold, harsh Winter, wearing jeans all day can dry your legs, due to the rubbing between the skin and the denim material. Apply a rich body cream after your morning shower or good night bath to repair your skin.

5. Don't forget to drink: we tend to drink more water during Summer because, of course, days are hotter and our body begs for hydration, but we should drink plenty during Winter too. Tea is a great way to restore your liquids and a hot green tea is great to warm you up. 


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