How to Get Full Lips Naturally

By Sophie Addison | 2013/11/22 - 15:41:19

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Have you always wanted to get fully plumped, gorgeous lips? They are the latest beauty trend desired by most women, as many celebrities and models are spotted with fuller, rosy lips. Yes, you might say most of these women recur to collagen injections, but there is certainly no need to go for those drastic measures.

Applying a strong lipstick color can highlight the shape of your mouth, but it will not enrich its appearance. Here are a few tips to naturally get those voluptuous lips you always wanted.

Full Hydration: drink lots of water to keep your lips soft and moisturized. Hydration is quite necessary and the best way to achieve those full luscious lips.

Protect and Deserve: use a good lip balm containing SPF 15 and up. It will protect and soften your lips, while making them glow in a more natural way.

Steam power: rub a thick layer of honey or petroleum jelly/vaseline on your lips before you get into the shower. Be sure you don't smear off the jelly or honey in the shower, as the steam will penetrate and give you smoother lips. Wipe off the residue after you’re done.

Sweet Remedy: prepare a natural scrub by blending a small amount of sugar with honey in a bowl. Rub it on your lips for three minutes, wipe it off and clean it with a wet paper towel. Once they are dry, you can top it off with a layer of petroleum jelly based ointment.

No Flakes: you can use a tooth brush to exfoliate your lips and a terrycloth towel to remove flakes. Not only it will remove dead skin and improve the skin tone, but it will also help your lips to naturally swell. To prevent flakes, you should use petroleum jelly on your lips before going to sleep at night.

Pump it Up: invest in a good lip plumper product, while making sure that it has natural ingredients. Avoiding irritants will make certain you don’t get undesirable reactions and pain while the product is swelling your lips. Read the label and see if it contains hyaluronic acid, a component that helps to attract moisture from the air, making your lips softer and hydrated. Always follow the instructions and apply the product carefully to get better results. Apply it not more than twice a day and open your mouth widely while applying to get effective results.

Optical Illusions: you can use a silver or gold eye shadow on your upper lips using a lip brush. This will reflect light from your Cupid’s bow and make it look fuller. To get the same effect on your bottom lips you can use a neutral tan or matte bronze eye shadow. Make sure you carefully blend the colors to get better effects. Mix it well and do not overdo, so it can look natural.

You can get rid of dry, flaky, cracked lips and achieve a sensuous look by following a good lip care routine. Remember to exfoliate once a week to make sure your lips are smooth and healthy. Take care of your sweet lips. 


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