5 Beauty Tips to Stick on Your Bathroom Wall

By Meriem | 2013/10/25 - 16:14:58

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It's always great to have good beauty tips and some of them can be extremely important. Here are 5 pointers that you should never forget if you want to maintain or achieve perfect skin and good health. It's so easy.

1. Cream Before Cover: Never apply a face foundation without applying a base cream (a moisturizer or a sunscreen). This way, the foundation will be easier to apply and your skin will be fully hydrated. and protected. You can find plenty of options on the market that fit your skin type, but it's best that you buy it from a chemist or a pharmacy.

2. Clean Before Sleep: No matter how lazy or how sleepy you are, make the effort to take off your makeup before going to bed. If you leave it overnight, it will not allow your pores to produce the necessary sebum, a natural lubricant that protects your skin. Use a good makeup remover or wash it off.

3. Keep an Orange Close: Oranges are full of Vitamin C and collagen. They will enrich your skin texture and decelerate the aging process, so try not to spend a week without eating it.

4. Water Yourself: Drink water, drink water and drink water! The precious liquid should take a big part of your daily beauty routine. It will clear up your skin and give it a healthy glow.

5. Keep Your Nails Tough: Try to apply nail base coat before applying your colored nail polish. It will protect your nails and provide a better final result. It will also help you remove the colors later on. 


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