Why Do We Search For Beauty?

By Catarina Correia | 2013/06/29 - 16:00:20

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Throughout history, beauty has always been a major concern for society in general.  We focus on being more and more beautiful, in having the best of the appearances and sometimes we may even become more concerned with natural physical beauty than actually with what we wear in our day-to-day. 

And why? Because we want to believe that if we have the best possible appearance; beautiful skin and a fantastic body, the rest will probably become a mere accessory in life.

More and more women and men worry about skin and body care. We can see it in the constant search for the best cream, the best make-up, in the practice of exercise or cellulite control. But everything has to be fast because there is no time to wait for years, months or even weeks. Simultaneously, we do not want to invest too much time or money on products and "formulas" that will make us stunning overnight. 

The truth is that not all products that are on the market do what they promise, but certainly there are some who do live up to their description, being good persuaders of self-esteem. 

Apart from those "miracle" products, one of the best ways to treat face skin is certainly through homemade recipes, those that were used by our grandmothers, who today, at an old age, have a flawless skin that makes us all jealous. Natural products are in demand because they don't contain chemicals and are true "healers" of our aesthetic problems and our immune system. No doubt that these organic products are much better for our health, combined with some extra care and good wholesome daily habits. 

We want everything to work fast and there's no need to criticize this anxiety, totally understandable these days. There is only a true necessity of offering solutions to this tension, so we can be happy with who we are. 


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