CC, The Evolution of the BB Cream

By Bianca Scardasi | 2012/09/28 - 11:02:46

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The BB Cream (Beauty Balm) has been on the market for quite some time now. This skin cream is rich in vitamins and minerals and works simultaneously as a foundation. But the cosmetics industry has already announced a new product that should replace the BB cream. The CC (Color Control) cream is a all-in-one primer + moisturizer + sunblock + foundation that is quickly becoming famous in the Asian market, quite demanding when it concerns perfect skin. 

The Cream CC promises to be an enhanced version of its predecessor and  in Asian countries like China and South Korea, this new product, distributed by established oriental brands like Rachel K, iFiona, Missha and Qichun, is already gaining huge popularity. 

But don't think Asian women are the only ones to succumb to this new cosmetic. In the western world, it only took Chanel's recent venture with its Complete Correction Cream to attract the attention of the European and American female market to this new kind of cosmetic.

According to manufacturers, the big advantages of this new product is a more effective absorption, a more potent SPF rating and a lighter texture (oil-free). Some also highlight the power of hydration (guaranteed by the presence of white tea extracts, green tea, aloe vera and macadamia) and antioxidant action (due to the vitamin E and hyaluronic acid present in the composition). The popularity is growing in Europe and promises to conquer the four corners of the world. 


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