Clean Skin with Sensibio H2O

By Paola Bartmann | 2012/09/23 - 12:27:57

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The most difficult part about daily facial cleansing is makeup removal, especially because most of the beauty products we use can be waterproof, forcing us to spend a good time rubbing our eyes with cotton pads until It's completely clean. If we take into account epidermal sensitivity, the result can be undesired redness and irritation. So looking for an effective, easy to use, inexpensive product can be quite a task. 

The Sensibio H2O by Bioderma is a miscelar water that can remove makeup in a single application, showing immediately a deep cleaned skin. It can be used after a long day of exposure to external aggressions like dust and urban pollution (the accumulated dirt is quite visible in the cotton pads when you apply it) and as a base before starting facial cleansing rituals. But the best of all is the price. Sensibio H2O by Bioderma can be bought for less than €20, so we can be sure we will get the results for much less. 


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