10 Best Halloween Looks

By Sofía Marquez | 2013/10/22 - 13:38:30

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In what other day of the year can you really dress in a scary way and eat a bunch of "trick-or-treat" chocolate bars? Halloween is a time for grown ups to join the kids, play dress up and scare everyone. It's true that, besides the evil look, the options are many and you may see a lot of mermaids and kitties on every Halloween party, but there's nothing like going bad. 

You can choose from vampire or demon to a zombie or maybe a grim movie character from a Tim Burton movie. The choices are many and there are great tutorials online that can help you achieve that creepy appearance. Here are 10 of the best makeup tutorials. 

Halloween Look Chucky Doll by Jessica Harlow
Jessica Harlow
Halloween Look Evil Demon by LetzMakeup
Halloween Look Stretched Lips by GoldieStarling
Halloween Look Sexy Vampire by Emma Pickles
Emma Pickles
Halloween Look Emily from "Corpse Bride" by Promise Tamang
Promise Tamang
Halloween Look Jack Skellington from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" by PinkStylist
Halloween Look Day of the Dead by TheVintageVision
Halloween Look Zombie Barbie by Michelle Phan
Michelle Phan
Halloween Look Creepy Evil Doll by GoldieStarling
Halloween Look The Joker from "The Dark Knight" by Ben Makeup Artist
Ben Makeup Artist


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