EU Bans Animal-Tested Cosmetics

By Neon Staff | 2013/03/15 - 11:08:29

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After 23 years of fight by animal rights supporters, the European Union finally banned the sale and import of all new animal tested cosmetics. Regulators announced this measure that can signify a true push to convince other countries to pursue alternatives to the practice, mainly due to the impact this decision will have on the european cosmetic market.

The efforts to eliminate animal testing have gone on since the 1990's and in 2009 a lot of products were banned, although a few loopholes remained for certain tests, thanks to the pressure by some cosmetic companies. Now those gaps are finally eliminated by this new policy and even animal tests that have no artificial substitute yet will now be banned.

The European Commission claims the decision "is in line with what many European citizens believe firmly: that the development of cosmetics does not warrant animal testing". 


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