6 Renaissance Inspired Hairstyles

By Basak Sezen | 2013/11/27 - 19:15:32

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Renaissance was a time for change. Many great masterpieces were created in a period that witnessed great developments in art, science and fashion. Those great works are the sources that enable us to experience the past.

During the 15th century, hairstyles were inspired by roman and greek styles. Long hair was usually braided and adorned with pearled headbands, forehead pieces with precious stones, velvet ribbons and soft veils, creating very beautiful and intricate styles.

Today, under a very different lifestyle, women require simplicity for their hectic lives, but these past references can still become part of their days. The inspirations is here. 

Inspiration: Renaissance Hairstyles
Museo Poldi Pezzoli • CC-BY/Love Meagan
Inspiration: Renaissance Hairstyles
Galleria degli Uffizi • Tom Munro/Condé Nast
Inspiration: Renaissance Hairstyles
Musée Condé • Matt Petit/A.M.P.A.S.
Inspiration: Renaissance Hairstyles
Städelsches Kunstinstitut • Kérastase
Inspiration: Renaissance Hairstyles
Gemäldegalerie • H.F.P.A.
Inspiration: Renaissance Hairstyles
Weimarer Stadtschloss • Carter Smith/Condé Nast


  1. Marta Rodrigues2015-01-20 13:30:26

    Love all the styles.

  2. Ginevra Adamoli Fashion For Real People2014-08-29 09:21:04

    Love this. I want to try to replicate it.

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