Hair Mascara With Real Gold by India 24k

By Paola Bartmann | 2013/03/22 - 17:09:25

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Imagine you're in the amazing country of India. A wood and amber scent surrounds you and a quiet and relaxing energy absorbs you. Do you feel that? If you do, you can imagine how the texture, the color and the aroma of I.C.O.N. India 24k feels when you open the small jar.

The soft textured mascara takes it's name from the small gold particles included in it's composition. Gold is a metal known for its indisputable beauty in jewelry, but what about its benefits in cosmetics? It seems gold is believed to have a nutritional and restorative quality that prevents premature hair aging. This precious ingredient, along with the argan oil, moringa and other regenerative oils (coconut and olive oil) will make your hair feel strong, full-bodied, smooth and shiny since the first time you use it.

Just apply it after washing your hair, when it's still wet, massage the mask with your hands and work all the hair, to make sure each strand absorbs all the gold particles. Leave it on for 5 minutes while you relax, surrounded by an atmosphere of tranquility created by the exotic amber aroma. Your hair will feel like a million dollars. 
Indian temple
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I.C.O.N. 24K



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