The Unusual Scents of Demeter

By Mariana Silva | 2012/12/03 - 16:33:31

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Two hundred and fifty fragrances reflect reality in a very special way, where simple design gains a new intention and scent revives strong memories from the past or passions from the present. Effortless and unusual aromas like "Paperback" or"Laundromat" stimulate a remembrance and appealing names like "Sex on the beach" or "Blueberry muffin" incite curiosity.

Demeter puts the customer above all. Personality and identity are the the most important values to cherish, as well as personal well-being. A fragrance should be accessible to all people and it should especially be free of unnecessary chemicals. The brand invests on products derived from natural and renewable sources, free from coloring agents or emulsifiers and the alcohol used in each perfume is extracted from corn through a natural process.

A smile on the face is guaranteed by the unusual fragrances and the ability to customize them by mixing various scents. Simple, sublime and unforgettable. 
Demeter Fragrances Point of Sale
BC Fragrance
paperback perfume by Demeter
grass and garden perfume by Demeter
Soap perfume by Demeter
gin and tonic perfume by Demeter
muffin and sundae perfume by Demeter



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