The Translucent Creatures of Victorine Müller

By Sara Corceiro | 2012/12/19 - 14:46:42

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Victorine Müller is known for her large, impressive inflatable PVC sculptures of animals and other organic, abstract shapes, but the real wonder of her work starts with the Swiss artist herself. She often dresses these different, ethereal souls and depicts them in rather spiritual performances where sound and vision are combined to captivate a gazing audience. Müller remains peacefully inside these transparent, glowing creatures, allowing viewers to establish a very intimate connection with her and her crystalline sculpture.

"I’m interested in creating moments of sensitivity, moments when our defenses are down and we are open to new things. (…) I create zones, put forward pictures, show processes that touch the viewer, that invoke associations on various levels, transport people into a different state, so that things hidden may become visible, accessible, opening up possibilities – to demonstrate something that is not said and cannot be said, but that is." 
Victorine Müller inflatable elephant art installation
Victorine Müller
Victorine Müller inflatable wings art installation
Victorine Müller/Kunstkeller Bern
Victorine Müller creative art installation
Victorine Müller/Simon Egli
Victorine Müller creative art installation
Victorine Müller/Tina b.
Victorine Müller inflatable foot art installation
Victorine Müller/Kunstkeller Bern



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