The Last Tribes by Jimmy Nelson

By Sara Corceiro | 2014/07/16 - 09:06:21

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In some cultures, it is believed that a photo can steal the soul, but if that picture is taken by Jimmy Nelson, it will certainly keep that spirit in a safe place.

In the midst of lost landscapes, Jimmy Nelson discovered unique tribes that still maintain their daily rituals and ancient traditions, despite the constant threats of extinction, and immortalized them "Before They Pass Away" in unique portraits with a 4x5 camera. By choosing a large negative, Jimmy Nelson was able to capture extremely detailed images that perpetuate the unique cultural creativity of these tribes and also enhance the emotional value of these memories, pictures of the last indigenous people in the world.

Jimmy Nelson's collection of images is an extraordinary family photo album for the world, a precious ethnographic testimony to see and remember just how spiritual and how connected to nature we once were. 
Goroka tribe from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea by Jimmy Nelson
Goroka, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea
Jimmy Nelson
Maasai tribe from Kenya and Tanzania by Jimmy Nelson
Maasai, Kenya and Tanzania
Jimmy Nelson
Chukchi tribe from Siberia - Chukotka by Jimmy Nelson
Chukchi, Siberia - Chukotka
Jimmy Nelson
Maori tribe from New Zealand by Jimmy Nelson
Maori, New Zealand
Jimmy Nelson
Ladakhi people from India by Jimmy Nelson
Ladakhi, India
Jimmy Nelson
Mustang tribe from Nepal by Jimmy Nelson
Mustang, Nepal
Jimmy Nelson
Kazakh people from Mongolia by Jimmy Nelson
Kazakh, Mongolia
Jimmy Nelson
Nenets tribe from Siberia - Yamal by Jimmy Nelson
Nenets, Siberia - Yamal
Jimmy Nelson
Rabai people from India by Jimmy Nelson
Rabai, India
Jimmy Nelson
Samburu tribe from Kenya and Tanzania by Jimmy Nelson
Samburu, Kenya and Tanzania
Jimmy Nelson



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    very cool

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    Incredible and outstanding !!

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