13 Brilliant Images by Mario Testino

By Neon Staff | 2014/02/08 - 13:30:28

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He is Known through his work for fashion magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair and traveled the world to shoot numerous celebrities and royalty. Peruvian fashion photographer Mario Testino is an internationally recognized name and, early this year, he received an honorary OBE award (Order of the British Empire) by the hands of UK minister for culture Ed Vaizey. 

"I arrived in London from Peru in 1976 and it was here that I found my profession and a world of opportunities that I could never have imagined", said Testino during the ceremony. 

In 1997, Diana Princess of Wales, employed him for her photo shoot in Vanity Fair, which was a milestone for his career. Ever since, the British Royal family has employed him several times. Among the people he photographed throughout his career are names like Kylie Minogue, Kate Moss, Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga, just to name a few. It is said that it was his passion to shoot Gisele Bündchen that turned her into the international Super model she is today. 

Mario Testino is also known for his philanthropic work and his contribution to Save the Children as well as Elton John's AIDS foundation. 
Diana Princess of Wales in Vanity Fair
Diana Princess of Wales for Vanity Fair, July 1997
Condé Nast
Prince William and Catherine Middleton
Prince William and Catherine Middleton
The Royal Household
Emma Watson for Vogue US
Emma Watson for Vogue US, July 2011
Condé Nast
Gwyneth Paltrow for V Magazine
Gwyneth Paltrow for V Magazine, Summer 2008
V Magazine
Kate Moss for Vogue Italia
Kate Moss for Vogue Italia, November 2006
Condé Nast
Laetitia Casta for Vogue Paris
Laetitia Casta for Vogue Paris, May 2012
Condé Nast
Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue US
Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue US, September 2013
Condé Nast
Michael Fassbender for GQ
Michael Fassbender for GQ, June 2012
Condé Nast
Gisele Bünchen for Vanity Fair
Gisele Bünchen for Vanity Fair, May 2009
Condé Nast
Gisele Bünchen and Eric Bana for American Vogue
Gisele Bünchen and Eric Bana for American Vogue, October 2006
Condé Nast
Brad Pitt for V Magazine
Brad Pitt for V Magazine, Fall 2007
V Magazine
Carmen Kass for Allure
Carmen Kass for Allure, September 2009
Condé Nast
Lady gaga for V Magazine
Lady gaga for V Magazine, Fall 2009
V Magazine



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