Real-life Disney Princesses

By Glittery Spirit | 2015/04/22 - 11:38:59

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Inspired by the iconic Disney Princess world, American photographer Ryan Astamendi created real-life portraits of some classic characters that we all know. The amazingly accurate images feature lookalike models wearing colorful cartoony outfits in easily identifiable poses.

Before becoming a full time photographer, Ryan Astamendi worked for the Walt Disney Company for 18 years as a character artist and that's why he has such a deep knowledge about the Disney aesthetics. 
Disney Princess Rapunzel by Ryan Astamendi
Ryan Astamendi
Disney Princess Jasmine by Ryan Astamendi
Ryan Astamendiendi
Disney Princess Belle by Ryan Astamendi
Ryan Astamendi
Disney Princess Pocahontas by Ryan Astamendi
Ryan Astamendi
Disney Princess Snow White by Ryan Astamendi
Snow White
Ryan Astamendi
Disney Jessica Rabbit by Ryan Astamendi
Jessica Rabbit
Ryan Astamendi
Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty by Ryan Astamendi
Sleeping Beauty
Ryan Astamendi



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  2. Luna Lovegood 2020-10-08 14:13:46

    Pocahontas and Aurora look just like the cartoons!

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