Floppy Disk Mosaics by Nick Gentry

By Alexandra Führ Benlifer | 2014/08/28 - 13:43:27

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Remember those old floppy disks from the 1980s and 90s? Nick Gentry creates the most stunning portraits by using old diskettes as his canvas. He also uses film negatives, x-rays and other unusual elements for his creative pieces.

This 34 year old artist from London prefers to use previously owned materials, usually donated by people from all over the world, to create his work and states that "the life and personality of these objects are a big part of each artwork". He uses as little as one disk or hundreds of them to create big portraits in an impressive mosaic style. 
"Self Portrait 4" by Nick Gentry, 2014
Self Portrait 4, 2014
Nick Gentry
"Monarch" by Nick Gentry, 2014
Monarch, 2014
Nick Gentry
"Metropolis" by Nick Gentry, 2014
Metropolis, 2014
Nick Gentry
"Capture" by Nick Gentry, 2014
Capture, 2014
Nick Gentry
"Protolife" by Nick Gentry, 2013
Protolife, 2013
Nick Gentry
"Analogue Daydream" by Nick Gentry, 2013
Analogue Daydream, 2013
Nick Gentry
"Digital Montage Number 3" by Nick Gentry, 2013
Digital Montage Number 3, 2013
Nick Gentry
"Light Years" by Nick Gentry, 2013
Light Years, 2013
Nick Gentry
"All We Are" by Nick Gentry, 2013
All We Are, 2013
Nick Gentry
"The Immortal" by Nick Gentry, 2011
The Immortal, 2011
Nick Gentry



  1. Miss Flick2014-09-07 12:26:30

    Love art with a repurpose :)

  2. Olivia2014-09-02 04:07:30

    Amazing creativity. The result is really quite something.

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