The Cool Style of Lenny Kravitz

By Elisabeth Green | 2014/04/21 - 16:37:38

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He became internationally known in 1989 with his album "Let Love Rule," a very rock and funky album with soul and reggae touches. Characterized by his distinctive hair, Lenny initially grew dreadlocks and remained with that style for several years. It was completed with a very seventies look, influenced by great music icons like Prince, Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Wonder. Bell bottoms, leather fringes, tight bodysuits and many accessories made his Boho Glam image. 

As Lenny Kravitz evolved musically and personally with the release of a new (more rocker) album, the artist decided to cut his dreadlocks, leaving a short afro style hair. His main clothing pieces also changed to a more clean look, with jeans, shirts and many accessories. 

In 2004, Lenny produced the album "Baptism" and with it, a new makeover. This time, he went for straight, ironed hair, a less favored look to someone who was always successful in transmitting his music as a style. "Baptism" is a transcendent album that questions the artist's journey of life, while looking for a "rebirth", both personal and musical. 

With a new album called "It's Time for a Love Revolution" in 2008, Lenny went back to short hair, along with a scruffy, but well put together style. Ripped jeans, tight shirts and a bad boy look contrasted with songs preaching optimism and resilience about everyone's personal dreams and faith. 

Lenny's colors are usually grey and black. He mixes textures like nobody else and has a great talent to combine accessories in a very accurate way. He loves to wear bracelets, scarves, hats and necklaces in his daily looks, but sunglasses are his style must-have. When we think of him, most likely he's wearing a great pair of dark sunglasses on that mental image. 

With his makeovers and dress options marked to the rhythm of his musical works, Lenny Kravitz definitely knows how to convey that sexy rocker image. He is a guy we could say that improves with age, like fine wine. 
Lenny Kravitz Seliger
Lenny Kravitz Calderero
Lenny Kravitz Bitton
Lenny Kravitz, Baptism cover
Baptism album cover
Lenny Kravitz Bitton
At the San Diego Comic Con 2013
At the San Diego Comic Con 2013
CC-BY/Gage Skidmore
Performing during CMA Fest 2013
Performing during CMA Fest 2013
CC-BY/Larry Darling
Lenny Kravitz Bitton



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