The 'Diva' inside Beyoncé

By Neon Staff | 2010/06/29 - 05:07:56

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The first images of "Diva" show a disenchanted black and white corner of Los Angeles. Approaching steps reveal Beyoncé as (she says) Sasha Fierce in high heeled boots and a bold silver fringed pair of sunglasses, going inside a gray warehouse. The singer then reappears wearing a bulky PVC jacket over a black body suit, the first piece of a parade of structured and hard futuristic garments. Most of them were selected from the Fall/Winter 2008 and Spring/Summer 2009 collections of a promising talent: Gareth Pugh. His conceptual fractal fashion makes the music video and proves how much Beyoncé loves the young british creative mind.

Beyonce met the fashion designer through her sister, Solange, who has harbored some admiration for past collections of Pugh. Beyoncé has also become a fan and says she feels more powerful and confident when she wears a piece from the designer. The strong presence of Beyonce/Sasha Fierce is, indeed, complemented by avant-garde Gareth Pugh. A perfect collaboration that clearly shows in this video. 
Beyoncé, Diva music video
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Gareth Pugh Spring/Summer 2009
Gareth Pugh Spring/Summer 2009
Beyonce wearing Gareth Pugh for Elle Magazine, January 2009
Beyonce wearing Gareth Pugh for Elle Magazine, January 2009



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