Disney Princesses Become Pin-up Girls

By Sofía Marquez | 2014/11/19 - 07:09:41

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In a world invaded by digital art, Tim Shumate sticks to his manual talents and creates beautiful illustrations with very engaging and colorful figures.

This particular set features his own interpretation of several Disney characters. In a classic tattoo style frame, Disney Princesses pose as pinups with big Manga eyes and wavy hair, completed with inspiring message banners. They are so captivating, you really want to tattoo them in your arm. 
Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid' by Tim Shumate
Siren (Ariel)
Via Society6
Snow White by Tim Shumate
Waiting For Loves True Kiss (Snow White)
Via Society6
Tinker Bell by Tim Shumate
Those Who Wander Are Not Always Lost (Tinker Bell)
Via Society6
Belle from 'Beauty And The Beast' by Tim Shumate
Till The Last Petal Falls (Belle)
Via Society6
Jasmine from 'Aladdin' by Tim Shumate
Royal Blood (Jasmine)
Via Society6
Alice in Wonderland by Tim Shumate
Follow The White Rabbit (Alice)
Via Society6
Pocahontas by Tim Shumate
Choose Your Own Path (Pocahontas)
Via Society6
Cinderella by Tim Shumate
Keep On Believing (Cinderella)
Via Society6
Aurora by Tim Shumate
Once Upon A Dream (Aurora)
Via Society6
Elsa from 'Frozen' by Tim Shumate
Ice Cold (Elsa)
Via Society6
Tiana from 'Princess And The Frog' by Tim Shumate
Bayou Beauty (Tiana)
Via Society6



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