15 Illustrations for Little Red Riding Hood

By Neon Staff | 2015/08/28 - 14:28:53

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First published by Charles Perrault but made famous by the hands of the Grimm Brothers, the sinister folk tale of the Little Red Riding Hood has been told in many ways and subjected to many different interpretations throughout time.

Back in the 17th century, Perrault took inspiration from old peasant stories and wrote the tale somewhat like we know it today, but he also gave it an extremely moralist outcome, with a victorious wolf ending his day with a full belly, after his "late night snack" of careless women. It was Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm who, two centuries later, delivered a more positive ending by adding the huntsman as the good savior for the girl and her grandmother. 

The dark story can really be seen as a symbolic depiction of the opposites and maybe as an intriguing analogy with the puberty rite of passage, but the truth is, in its own mystery, the fable still captivates everyone's imagination. Here are 15 interpretations created by the hands of 15 talented illustrators. 



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