15 Cool Portraits of Marilyn Monroe

By clara bella | 2015/08/03 - 08:07:18

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Norma Jeane, known as the Hollywood starlet, actress, sex symbol and beauty icon Marilyn Monroe, is one of the most talked about women of our time. Her looks were the 1950s epitome of true beauty, but her grace was skin-deep, as behind it laid a deeply tortured soul and a rejected foster child. The sweet and sexual Marilyn Monroe façade was a public persona she played very well, as it masked her sadness, sour childhood and lack of love.

Marilyn was insatiable to love, needing a lot of male attention and relationships throughout her short life, but her infamous affairs with the two Kennedy brothers, John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy, were the start of her demise. Marilyn was found dead at her house in Los Angeles on August 5th, 1962 from a fatal overdose, but many believed her untimely death was a murder.

Her sultry charm, along with her epic and timeless beauty, is what defines her legacy as the incredibly popular beauty icon known as “Marilyn Monroe”. She was immortalized by Andy Warhol's Pop Art Prints and she continues to be a muse for many others. Here are 15 amazing illustrations by new talents all around the world. 
Marilyn Monroe by Alessandro Pautasso
Alessandro Pautasso, Turin, Italy
Marilyn Monroe by Marian Voicu
Marian Voicu, Bucharest, Romania
Marilyn Monroe by Claudio Lucania
Claudio Lucania, Forlì Cesena, Italy
Marilyn Monroe by David Iglesias
David Iglesias, Linas, France
Marilyn Monroe by Craig Alan
Craig Alan, New Orleans, LA, United States
Marilyn Monroe by Sebahat Öksüz
Sebahat Öksüz, Istanbul, Turkey
Marilyn Monroe by Joe Murtagh
Joe Murtagh, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Marilyn Monroe by John Brown
John Brown, United States
Marilyn Monroe by Jesus Servin
Jesus Servin, Guanajuato, Mexico
Marilyn Monroe by Davi Augusto
Davi Augusto, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Marilyn Monroe by Carissa Rose
Carissa Rose, Chicago, JL, United States
Marilyn Monroe by Enrico Varrasso
Enrico Varrasso, Toronto, Canada
Marilyn Monroe by Shiela
Shiela, United States
Marilyn Monroe by Hamilton Byrne Cline
Hamilton Byrne Cline, San Francisco, CA, United States
Marilyn Monroe by Omar Molina
Omar Molina, Caracas, Venezuela



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